Alright. So I finally got my beautiful Schecter Hellraiser C1-FR only two days ago and at first the whammy bar worked perfectly. Now it's well, broken, I guess. Not the whammy bar specifically but the socket that it's screwed into. Whenever I try to use the bar, the socket/base likes to move around in the guitar and so the use of the bar is close to useless since it isn't held in place. Last night I unscrewed the tremolo spring cover to try and find a problem, maybe a loose washer or something, but it's difficult to see since it's in a bit of a tight spot and the lighting was bad.

Any suggestions?
I had that problem a few days after I got my first guitar with a Floyd Rose on it. The bar itself actually tightens on both sides of the bridge. On the top it has that thing you can screw with your hand, on the other side behind the backplate it has a part that you have to tighten with an allen wrench. So all you'd have to do is take the backplate off and tighten that screw under there and that should do the trick.