i bought my hellraiser this summer after i sold my epiphone lp custom because i wanted a better made guitar w/ active pups but...combined with my high gain 5150 i gett a helluva lot of noise...sure, i am still looking to buy an isp decimator & tubescreamer to fix this but.... for my second guitar, would one with passive pups be better?

i still havent used a passive pup guitar in my 5150 so im anxious to what it will sound like...a few of the band si love to cover use active pups, but most use passive..and emgs are stereotyped to just metal so...

would a passive pup guitar give me a good sound with less feedback?

i still plan on keeping my Hellraiser..just looking to buy another guitar

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if you want high output agressive sounding passive pickups get a bareknuckle warpig (ceramic) even higher output than EMG!!! But in the good ole days pickups needed to be high output in order to push the amps tubes, but now with amps such as peavey which have heaps of pre amp gain they generally dont need to be pushed. Infact on my old iommi SG which had relatively high output pickups i got a great sound but with my new guitar which has mid output pickups you get alot more tone and clarity although its not quite as much balls to the wall but its by far enough. To me though EMGs sound sterile so ill always go with passives.

Anyway back to topic, a lower output pickup will most probably reduce feedback but obviously (as you probably already know) dont stand behind the amp, and stand a fair distance away when its got some volume. Also it could be the room your in, in that its the perfect size for a specific frequency to to feedback. But even bands such as morbid angel (death metal) use paf pickups, so I would say give some lower output passive pickups a go and see if you like the better clarity more, but if you want good output check out the warpig remember if the worst comes to the worst its only a pickup and can be sold without loosing much value. Hope that helped
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Get a noise gate. The BOSS NS-2 is quite good, and it doesn't cost a whole lot. I run an ESP with passive pickups through my ENGL Powerball, and I don't get any feedback or unwanted noise at all, when using the noise gate on the amp. I don't remember if the 5150 has one, but I don't think so.
I like versatility, so I would say get a set of passives in your next guitar, since you are keeping the HR. That said, I don't it's going to be much quieter with passives compared to EMG's. EMG are naturally very quite pickups by design, they use an active preamp, so the magnets used are very small compared to regular passives. Great amps, but the 5150 is known to be a pretty noisy beast when the gain is cranked up. Most guys I know that own one have a noise gate too.
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^ +1 i doubt there'll be much difference in noise with passives (maybe even slightly more), but they'd be worth considering for some versatility (if you like versatility).
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