i have an electro-acoustic guitar with treble, bass, middle and brilliance controls.

i use it through my electric guitar amp cos i don't have the money to spend on an acoustic amp.

i was wanting to know if anyone could suggest any settings for it.
it keeps giving me this awful tone.


The EQ on every model of amp works differently, so there aren't specific settings for one sound that can be put into every amp. Start with the knobs at 12 o'clock, then add/remove treble, mids and bass as your ears tell you.
blue strat is right. What is awful about the tone? Muddy, too bright? Could be the amps settings too, what kind of amp is it and set those controls to? Set them all to say all 5 and work from there, fine tune it with your guitar's controls once the amp is close to where you like it.
sometimes brilliance can overwhelm the EQ, i'd start there.

but, depends on the amp,
the guitar, and EQ like said.

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Play with both the amp AND the EQ aboard the guitar, first you have to find the problem with your sound. If it sounds too 'low' or 'round', then it means you gotta turn the bass down a notch. Take it step by step.
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