Me and my friend got bored during math class today so we thought of an awesome idea. We sit at the backrow so we thought it wouldn't matter.
We started jamming paranoid, so that I sang the guitar parts and he growled the vocals (sort of like Trivium's ascendancy). So I of course started off with the epic intro and headed forth, until we reach the end of the first phrase. We just rofl literally and everyone looks at like "wtf mates?". Then our math teacher seperated us.

please feel free to share any idiotic stuff you've done today/yesterday (depending on time zone)
Jeez!! Calm Down mate!!!!
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I doubt he growled like in Ascendancy, it would be hellishly loud. He probably whispered but made it sound like he was growling.
Paranoid is a crappy pop song. At least sing Spiral Architect if you are going to be a little shit in math class. If I was your math teacher, I would kick you out of my class... indefinitely.
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I didnt do this but a guy in year 11 from my school, on one of his last days he sent a link of ******** to EVERYONE including staff. lol.

EDIT. Oops didnt know I cudnt say that. Well it was a disgusting video we will leave it at that.
Darkstar is always mean, i think he was never hugged as a child
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when our math/chemestry classes get bored, we play what we call the penis-game( no not the gay way) it's basscily like this:
-Someone says ''penis''
-The other person must say penis louder
-and then he/she must say it louder and so on, until we have to scream
so basiclly when the teacher tries to explainn something important someone yells PENIS!!!
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If I was in your Maths class, I would probably have ripped you apart with some differential calculus.
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Darkstar is always mean, i think he was never hugged as a child

Oh I was hugged and pampered. I'm just harsh towards little groms like TS hurr.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Wow that is hilarious.

I am laughing so hard right now.

Jesus Christ, that's funny.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Reviving some classic Arnie quotes in Media Studies is always fun.
Especially when no one else in the class knows what we're talking about.


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