After seeing some other dude post his english story I thought I'd post my own assignment. Mine is waaayy shorter as it is not yet totally finished... enjoy it is quite a thriller!



That wasn't funny or entertaining. You just failed.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Wait, what were you expecting?

I thought Russel would go like : FASTER TOM RUN and then when Tom sees her pen!s, he goes: RUSSEL WTF?
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RSOB and Gavs must have a great relationship to be able to sleep around so much
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Yeah, it's pretty flexible. Like gavz.

Likes to play thread games, also!

I just threw up on my own legs because of your grammar and terrible writing.
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Only a user with "Registered User" in their title could create something as bad as this.

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I go down on one knee and do that shit cello style

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That wasn't funny or entertaining. You just failed.

if i were to try for hundreds of years
if train atop mountains with gurus
if do verse by verse commentaries on every book ever written on the human will and spirit
if journey to the depths of the lost cultures to find their secrets to help humanity
if i were to be crowned king of all manner of things

i could not agree with darkstar anymore than i do now