I have never heard "Last Caress", but I absolutely loved the vocal harmonies throughout - it was a very nice touch. I quite like this tune - good stuff.

I've heard "Mad World" one too many times - usually played by a few people in my music class over and over again, but you do a really good job of it (especially considering you sing). The vocals sound terrific.

I have never heard "Tyler" before, but I like it. I love the way the vocals sound in all the tunes. I've only ever heard 1 of the 3 songs before, but they sound good the way that you've done them, so good job!

The recording quality of all your tunes is quite excellent and I'm interested in hearing what your originals sound like. Keep me updated. If you've got some time you might be interested in checking out my acoustic stuff. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=914968
i love you

oh and im downloading it, cause since you are going to be my wife i have to support you

and now for honest crit.

tonight i was looking for someone to say, wow, i dont like your music and i really dont wanna ever hear that again. sadly that is something i cannot do right now. you covered the toadies so wonderfully. theres parts where it sounds like the overlapping singing arent perfect, but since the song is i can forgive this, and they are super minor anyways and i actually like it better with such super small obscurities. i wish you wouldve made your voice weirder on "She pulls the covers tighter, i press against the door" like kurt cobain it or something, it would completly stick out in the song, but it would be great.

i also love mad world, maybe i just like how you sing completely laid back, kinda like grandaddy would, but you are a girl. how have you gotten your vocals to sound so good.... i have trouble with such things, like what do you use to record them. im assuming that the piano and accordian are apart of a synth or keyboard or something.

i almost think you insane for covering last caress, i dont think ive ever heard the original song, but come on, i killed a baby today? are you insane? its actually hilarious, you are just kinda singing it like, yeah, so what, i raped your mom no big deal right?

could you listen to my band? its not really like your music.
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I'm so glad you liked it! Last Caress is a Misfits cover. You should listen to the original. It makes the cover all the better.

The piano is just an electric piano that was mic'd underneath. The accordian, believe it or not, is an actual accordian.

I played most everything on all the songs, but had some collaborators on Last Caress (someone on harmonium, backing vocals, and guitar), but I did piano, accordian, and lead vocals on it.

I'm thinking of redoing the Toadies cover. When I play it live its usually much faster, and I'm not horribly fond of the harmonies. When I recorded it, it was the first time I had tried putting harmonies over it, so after I give it some more thought, I think it'll be much better. I might add some more instrumentation to it as well to give it a bit more depth and some change.

And who can resist doing a Mad World cover?
I'm working on a Gnarls Barkley cover right now.

It's beginning to sound really eerie and I'm totally feeling it.