I'm a 15 year old guitarist, been playing for about 15-18 months, and I think I've advanced pretty well as I'm averaging anywhere between 2 and 8 hours a day practicing. But over the past week or so, I've been unable to find anything to play. Have I reached some sort of wall? Can anybody give me advice on how to keep playing?

I'd like something challenging, but nothing like Vai, or St Satch. I just want to play the guitar again, and it feels like I'll never be able to do it again.
practice some theroy for like 1 of thoes hours a day, and than ask random people song names with guitars in it, than you can probubly play thoes songs, is what im sugesting.
don't worry man, you'll get over it. leave it alone for a day or two and come back with a fresh mindset.

do things that reduce your familiarity with he fretboard, like playing in open E or G, play in different scales.

think about this: if you leaned one new song everyday, how many would you know in a year? how many in five years? so, you're going to run into blocks occasionally, but you'll snap out of 'em.

and, if all else fails, put on the Allman Brothers' "Live at Fillmore East" and jam.
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