I need an acoustic amp, me and a couple friends are starting up a band.

I've been looking at these, leaning towards the Laney:
(I have a Martin DCX1KE if that makes any difference)

Laney LA30C

Kustom Sienna 30

Crate CA30DG

Now since I'm a complete newbie when it comes to electronics, I have these questions:

Pre-amp, needed?

For gigs, all I need to do is connect the amp to the PA system, correct?

Anything else I need to know? I read though all the stickies but it's alot of information and I've never dealt with any of this before.

if there's a PA system, you wont need an amp.
you can direct line into the PA. (or even mic the guitar)
i usually direct line, in my martin x series.

also, for the money, a simple PA system usually gives the most power and is most useful when forming a band. so first thing i would consider is getting a simple PA.

if you really want an amp,
are you in the states?
you might want to look used.

i went with a roland chorus 60 (because it's so light)
SWR makes great acoustic amps.

of your links, i guess i would probably trust the laney brand the most.

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