I hope there isn't one already

Ok well discuss all things extreme sports related, your favorite athletes, favorite sports, videos, equipment, etc.

Rollerblading, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, bmx, mx riding, etc

My favorite skater for awhile was Chad Muska. My favorite mx rider is Mike Metzger. Everything else I don't really have an opinion on :P

favourite boarder: rondey mullen
favourite bmx'er: scotty cranmer
favourite blader: I have no idea ..

blading ftw !


Snowboarding ftw! Favorite: probably either Shaun White or Mason Aguirre. Gretchen Bleiler if we're talkin' girl snowboarders though.

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Quote by Z_cup_boy
I had an element skateboard, forget which model though.

I had a blueprint once .. till I realised I suckt at boarding


Aah, so we've got an extreme sports thread finally!!!

You guys can also join my extreme sports group at http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/extreme

And i love to BMX!!
I've got a stock Fit Team Trial and I love it!!!
I love to ride by the streets n all... But i'm pretty shit at it... Though someday soon i can hopefully get half as good as Chase Hawk and Edwin de la Rosa!!
^fix your image codes mate...
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And extreme is fine.
Its cheesy but manages to integrate all the x-game sports... basically extreme sports. Thats what they're called!
^nice pics though!!

And most people still refer to them as extreme sports so like action sports could confuse people a wee bit...