I put worst/funniest because the two are usually linked

Mine was in hockey, im goalie, i let in a puck from the other end of the ice that was sliding along the ground, and today i still have absoltly no idea what happened, it was just one of those things...

Extreamly embarassing and it was the semi-finals of a tournament but thats in the past...

Anyways it was pretty funny now that i think of it

What are yours?

Also if you say football or soccer please say which country your from to prevent confusion

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ive kicked a ball whislt some massive guy was kicking it, our feet collided and i think i broke my big toe :|

funniest was when i took down my tutuour in college and as we fell he punched me in the face, got up and said 'nice tackle' as i stood with a bleeading nose

My worst experience was simultaneously my best - or at least proudest - moment.

Football, a few years back, I'm goalkeeper as per usual. Other team gets a penalty, I save it and break my right wrist in the process. Despite it hurting A LOT, I didn't think much of it and continued to play for the remaining 15 - 20 minutes or so, saving everything thrown my way.

Was bloody impressive, if unbelievably painful at the time, and ridiculously stupid looking back.

Most embarassing? Again, football, very similar situation to yours TS. Ball was just kind of rolling toward me, went to kick it and misjudged the positions of the ball and my foot horribly. No idea what happened, but hey. Just one of those things?
OH! Here's a gooder, in my first game of Bantam 2nd year hockey, I'm playing D eh, and I go to hit this kid, missed him, got my hockey pants stuck on a screw in the boards, kinda got held up cause of it (I was skating backwards) and so I fall cause of the speed I was at, and while I'm falling of course the screw goes and rips a decently sized rip in the hockey pants, right in the ass...My goalie almost let in a couple goals that shift from laughing his ass off so hard, so yeah..the rest of the season I played with hockey pants that had an ugly set of stitches on the back patching up this stupid tear.
slid on a very wet 'all weather pitch' during a game of football (soccer) and went straight into the fence, knocking myself unconscious

EDIT: oh also when i used to inline skate i forgot to lean into a half pipe i was dropping in on...i knocked myself out (again)
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i play goalie for my lacrosse team and this was my most epic moment. i was running to clear the ball when this kid who was like 6'3" and probably 250lbs body checked me and broke my collar bone i didnt know it was broken after he hit me so i played the rest of the 4th quarter and 2 overtimes with a broken collarbone, but sadly we lost 11-10 because its hard to block shots with a broken bone
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Oh also, my friend somehow forgot to wear hockey pants one game, i dont even know how he wasnt caught, his jersey was kind of long but still, it was rediliclious when aftyer the game he has his huge gash from a skate and were all like howd you get that? But he said i didnt wear my hockey pants

I dont even know how he got away with that one

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"Billy eat your broccolli!"

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During girls rugby (I'm a girl btw), me and my friend weren't giving a fishes arse about it, so when the teacher told our team to stand in a straight line as though "we were all stuck on a kebab stick". So me and my friend decided to pretend to 'slide' up and down this 'kebab stick', and invented the 'Kebab Stick Dance'. But while we were doing this, we hadn't noticed that the rest of our team had all charged forwards to get the rugby ball or whatever, until our teacher turned around and asked us what we were doing.
That was more funny than embarassing.

What's more embarrassing was when in girls Hockey (as I am a girl) when I had to do the first hit of the ball or whatever, it took me about 5 blooming minutes to actually hit the ball with my hockey stick
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During football (English) at school I was in goal (alot of these have happened in goals) someone took a goal kick on the other team and I let it in ... the team crowded around me at every kick after that point ... I was famous for sucking at it even when I started getting good ... I stopped improving shortly after lol.
Me, my brother and some lads were playing football in our estate when some wee **** from up the Catholic side of the hill nicked my ball. Then we beat him up. Honestly, it was quite ****ing hilarious if you like the idea of Karma.
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Football... got tackled... ripped testicle from scrotum.

Many days of pain followed.
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I threw mud at a nerd in the face and he kicked me in the jaw and I chipped my tooth.

We were in a match of football at the time
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I threw mud at a nerd in the face and he kicked me in the jaw and I chipped my tooth.

We were in a match of football at the time

Nerds cant play football!

I kid!

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"Billy eat your broccolli!"

"Screw you mom!" *raises arms*

I was in a race at sports day once and some guy took a picture of me for the school website, and my penis was kind of visible, it was veering to the side. And I was pulling a funny face because it was the final lap and I was tired. I hated that day.