i just bought a iban4ez grg 270 bk and having some trouble with it..i have tried to loer the single coil as it ia in HIGH position and making trouble for playing it...i hv tried to down it but it cant .....what is the problem?i cant down it? but the hambuc pick up is working well.i can down them through a scrue driver...ppl pls help me
Down it? That's a new one I thought you were talking about drinking something.

There's no screws holding the single coil in place? Maybe it's all the way down already?
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Okay well first, the word you're looking for is LOWER, not DOWN.

Secondly - It's probably as low as it can go if there are no screws at all holding it in place, but then it would fall out if you turned the guitar upside down. Take another look at it and try again. If that doesn't work, take the screws OUT, then slide the pickup out a tad - sometimes they get stuck on undried paint/finish inside the cavity. Then re-attach and BAM.
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lol when I read the topic it sounded like you couldn't drink something like vodka or something.(can´t down)

well anyway if you cant lower the pickup using a screwdriver its because it is already on its lower position. try to bring it up to see if it goes.
CAN i out the pickup from guitar and then re assign it again?or it is connected with a cable to guitar?