Well, yesterday one of the strings on my guitar snapped, so I restrung it. Then I was turning it and another snapped(probably from too much tension from by floyd rose). So, another one snapped and i got mad and threw my guitar and 3 of my machineheads broke off. My question is how much will it cost to buy some new ones and get they put on?
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quite a bit probably (no idea)
cheaper if you do it yourself.
it'll cost about $50 for grover tuners,

and about $165/hr for anger management courses.

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Most tuners you gotta buy a whole set. So figure 35 to 60 bucks. Next time maybe you will take a breath put the guitar down and come back to it again. Consider your self lucky its tuners and not the headstock or something equally expensive.
I wish the neck snapped, you stupid little *****!

About $50 US I'd say.
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I wish the neck snapped, you stupid little *****!

About $50 US I'd say.

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it is also possible that your saddle(s) have a small imperfection, dimple or snag that is cutting your string. Keep that in mind after you replace your tuners and restring. Where was the sting snapping at?

i'm not going to tell you that you are an idiot because you probably learned a good lesson.
Also could be your nut.
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