i want a tube amp for 600 or less and i am fine with used

im looking for 35 to 60 watts and i dont want it to be to heavy to carry it around. i dont care about any effects i sometimes use reverb but i could live without it. i am looking for a 2 guitar input amp. i play all kind of rock and alternitave and some blues.
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30 watts, but you may want to check this out. Plugged into it a few weeks ago. it's bone shaking. If you can find one used it should be well under $600.

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what do you mean 2 inputs becuase you play in a band?

Probably so that the other guitarist can plug in as well.
Yeah, that won't sound too good. I'm not sure if it'll even work. But the Delta blues is a great option. F-30 probably is better.
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i really like the peavey classic 30 and the mesa boogie fc30

peavey classic 30 = < $400 new, a great buy.. maybe try from a classic 50, get closer to your max budget and.... 50 > 30 in some countries
the delta blues is cool but i want more distortion, i like the mesa better than the peavey classic. and im considering getting the f50 instead of the f30
F-series is a good bet, classic 30 is too.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
maybe a fender deluxe reverb with a high gain pedal, i like that they have two inputs
do you know of any cheap good quality marshalls? the mg series is amazing sounding but i heard it is totally unreliable
cheap, good, and marshall never go in the same sentence.

and +1 to the Peavey classic 30
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cheap, good, and marshall never go in the same sentence.

and +1 to the Peavey classic 30

Their pedals are good value in the UK but the cheap amps are awful. Get a Classic 30 TS.
i just bought a peavey classic 30 in almost mint condition yesterday for 250. sounds great!