I'm asking this because my friend has to bring in an object that represents herself for school. She is very outgoing, active (plays a bunch of sports), caring(a good listener). So far I have thought of a few things but decided to see what the pit can come up with. What object do you think best represents this personality? As well, what object best represents yourself?
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An ovenmit?

For me... choccolate milk. Life's best thing.
My cuddly lobster, lobby.

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Probably my guitar. It's my only "prized" posession.

It's cheap, but it's bright orange. It's a very simple guitar, and it seems as if there's nothing special about it, but it can express things that no-one else can. I like to think that I'm kind of like that...

excuse my arrogance.
a dildo!
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if shes jewish.. money

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uh...can it be big? cause I was gonna say a John Deere tractor...but if that's too big than I guess I'll settle for a hockey stick..
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my dick
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