The title says it all. I know someone who is selling one of these for $1,000. I might just pick it up. Its supposed to be pretty rare with mesa only having made like 360 of them.

It is from the early 80's, head version and good condition. Does anyone know anything about these amps? Most importantly, what are the prices for these?

wait, 300 watts?

This is madness!
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yeah, lol 300 watts.

It says it is the most elusive of all the Mark series to find

It is what pete townshend, and the rolling stones would use on stage sometimes
is this for real? 300 watts tube?!?!

and I thought the triple Rect was overkill

Edit: Holy s*it these things are for real! If I ever get my filthy paws on one of these, I will point them east, towards Finland, and then crank it. The whole country will probably go deaf after that
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didn't Whitesnake use the Coliseum heads to record one of their albums (like their most well known)?

The Coliseum heads are supposed to be really insanely good (and loud as hell :p ).

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm thinking of the Mark III Coliseum heads. Hey, push come to shove, but it, you don't like it, sell it for like 200 + bucks more than what you paid for it; the coliseum heads are kind of hard to find.
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Yeah sounds pretty awesome guys, I really want one.

Any solid idea on how much you could sell one of these for?
One question, how loud is it on zero?
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I have one of these..... aquired mid 80's from Musical Exchanges in Birmingham, UK, about £250 + another amp head in PX. Nobody really wanted them (they had about six I think) as they were all 115Vac. I used mine with a 240V to 110V transformer for a while, then had a look inside and found there were actually two 115V primary windings wired in parallel..... so I wired them in series for 230V. Problem solved !
Yes, they are incredibly powerful. The output has 6 x 6L6's (3 pairs). The trick is to remove two pairs. The remaining pair give about 100W, which with the half power switch reduces to around 60W. You may need to drop to a lower speaker impedance output (i.e., from 8 Ohm to 4 Ohm, for a typical 8 Ohm speaker) if doing this, not strictly necessary but does affect the tone. This was still too loud for most gig's and I replaced the MV pot with a "10 turn" device to give more fine adjustment. Currently, I'm looking at refurbing mine and may look at power scaling as an addition to making it more usable.
Hope this may be some use to other owners.....
Wait.... it's got (6) 6L6's? Wouldn't that be 150 watts?
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It's 150watts RMS.

300 watts is basically like that amp cranked up on the gain channel. More or less a marketing scheme. The Triple recto cranked on the dirty channel would be pushing about 300 as well.
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