hi folks...first time here.....

here's my problem..i recently had a semi pro gig with my country/rock band at a Benefit...i went to tune up and noticed my high E was sounding kinda tinny and weird and when i checked the tuning it was at D..i proceeded to try and tune up..and the string SNAPPED..(thank god i told my drummer to bring one of his backups!).

I think the string got caught on the edge of one of my Frets..and i was wondering...what can i do about this myself without having to break my already low bank account. I have little skill in this department, so i may have to go to a professional, but what do i ask? any and all help would be appreciated.

(why would your drummer have a spare guitar?)

file down the frets.
if it got caught on one of the frets, my guess is, that string was probly at a very high D. so one probly juts out, or is "sharp"
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I not sure I understand what happened but I'll have a go at it anyways.

If you think the fret was sticking out too far and was sharp enough to break your string then file it smooth.
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so your fret got your string stuck in it? a friend had the same problem once. he still hasnt solved it.

nah,is it that a bit of your fret goes out of the fretboard limit or is it thatyour fret has a pointy thing undder your e string?

in case 1, try hamering the fret into the fretboard againand sand whatgoes out. preferably let some luthier do it because you might ruin your intonation

in case 2, just sand the fret a bit