I've been practicing (open) chords for little over a month or so now and it's starting to go pretty smooth. The only chord that continues to be a problem even though it's one of the first ones I learned is the open D.

I just can't manage to switch to it fast and/or accurate. All sources I used told me to use my middle finger on the high E string and index finger on the G string.

About 20 minutes ago I tried switching the position of my index and middle finger. So you have the shape of Dm, only the index finger is placed 1 fret higher. This position seems to be more natural for my hand, but my index finger is on the far back of the 2nd fret, right against the metal bar (also called fret?) of the first fret.

So, should I just suck it up and use the way people tell me to or try it my way? I haven't practiced it my way for long cause I don't want to learn a bad habit, so that's why I first came here.

I hope I made it a bit clear :p I'm not so good at explaining >.<

hmmm weird, that really one of easier chords to get nice and quick at, but eople are different. I have more of a problem with the a chord. But you should learn it the right way.
I've been practicing for a few months now and I still have issues (and had more issues) with open C chord. Eventually you'll get better at it with more practice.

My recommendation would be to do the D chord the proper way with index finger on 3rd string.

I would like to mention for Amaj open chord, I use fingers 2-3-4 rather than 1-2-3 because I just couldn't get 1-2-3 to work. My fingers are pretty big and the index finger on the 4th string in Amaj would be at the 1st fret and I just couldn't get it to sound right.
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