So yeah, ive finally gotten round to doing something with my page on here so i uploaded a few songs ive had in the works for a while, and id seriously appreciate some criticism. three new tracks plus one ive had up for yonks;
Balor's eye; maiden meets lizzy kinda sound to it, in d mixolydian so quite irishy. been working on it for well over a year on and off. Best recorded of the lot.
Julie's Mile; bluesy kind of edge to it with a heavier section in the middle, in dire need of some drums and a bit more work but its just there for the sake of it at the moment.
Prism; My A level composition, ambient edge to it with heavy use of synth effects from ableton and U2-esque guitar. quite chilled sound to it.

Hope you like guys
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I liked prism alot. The recording is pretty good, and you switch it up enough to keep it interesting. I don't know if you've ever head Pat Metheny's version of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint, but this reminded me of it. The clean guitar in Julie's Mile sounded good, but i wasn't a fan off the rhythm guitars tone, maybe try a bit less distortion, but the lead sounded good? I agree it needs some drums and bass too. Balor's eye is quite jig like, but its a fun listen. care to crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=956106
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