Hi, does enyone knows if the Epiphone Lucille is quite similar to the (Epiphone) 335?
I was searching for a 335 style guitar and now I have a chance to get one used for a good price.
Playing it, it seems to be just like an upgrade of the 335, with the varitone switch, the stereo output and the covered F holes... But I did'nt have the occasion to compare it with a 335 ( I only tried sometimes my friend's one).
So would it fit equally good Cream like tones, jazz, blues and Queens of the stone age?
Thank a lot, please answer me as soon as possible!
It's supposed to feedback less and it's electronics are obviously more intricate, but it should do the job just fine.

I've heard the Epiphone Lucilles don't really play that well, though. :\
Sorry, I know you are a kid, but writing idiot jokes is not helpful for me, even if I wrote some wrong words because I'm from Italy and I was hurried.
I hope you have other ways to use your time.

Anyway thanks for the second reply, Today, Flying Couch!
FOr me it played well, very comfortable but also heavy
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