Hey kids,

I have to write a 2-3 page article for my journalism class and I really want to do something music-related. I'm supposed to come up with several ideas so he can kind of check off which ones are feasible.

He mentioned that "specific feature stories about celebrities won't work since you probably won't be able to interview them, so pick something where you will be able to interview relevant people".

I was thinking I might want to do something about the evolution of politics and music (I could begin with a brief chronicle of folk protest songs -> anarchist punk -> other modes etc) then do the bulk of it about political songs today? The election? I don't know.

The other thing I was thinking about was sort of in the same vein but more specific and I think I would be more interested in it, which would be the evolution of rebellion in music. I was thinking I could tie in tangible acts, like Pete Townshend of the Who's guitar-smashing antics and also rebellion against traditional music systems, like Radiohead doing a massive public non-record-company CD release.

I'm open to genres, open to ideas, any thoughts?
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