Can some explain to me on how to tune to Drop C, the lessons do not help much and I need real-time chatting in case I mess up so if you asked why don't I google it, thats why. If I mess up and get confused I'll ask you guys. Don't say its a half step down from so and so, because I am a guitar noob and have no idea what a half step or a full step is. Thanks.

P.S. Is this for metal mainly or do a lot of different types of music use it? btw I am a metal head and I see that a lot of metal bands I look up tabs for are in Drop C and I have no idea on how to tune that.
1. Tune down to D standard, then drop the E-string (goddamn, I wonder why people are having problem figuring this one out...)
2. Maybe some hardcore bands use it as well.
Its like Drop-D, just a tone lower if that helps? Use Powertab or Guitar Pro, they've got those tunings pre-set in them.
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Use a chromatic tuner, or play a C note (Third fret of the A string) and tune your low E down to match the note. Then tune all the other strings accoringly

thats the kind of explanation im talking about. so play third fret on the A string and then have every other string match it?
I can tell you exactly how to do it, Ill send you my IM, if this doesnt help hit me up, First Tune your Low E string Into D by hit E 7th fret and A open string, lower your E string until the sound the same. Thats drop D tunning, from there, (Im gunna call all the strings their original names in standard tuning) hold E 5th fret and and strum the open A string, and tune the A string down to match. Hold 5th fret A string and strum open string D string and tune the D string down to match it as well. Then Hold 5th fret D string and strum the open G string and tune the G string down to match. Then hold the 4TH FRET G string down to match the open B string and tune the B string down to match. Repeat by hold the B string 5TH fret with the open high E string and tune the high E string down to match. Then Repeat the process, starting over again at Low E string 7th fret to the open A string, and so on so forth. Then once you do all the other strings down as before you should be in C Standard. But to get to dropped C, just Hold the E string which by now should be a C string, 7th fret and compared with the above A string and tune the E (now C) down to match. AND THAT IS DROPPED C... ORRRR, you could just buy a tuner. but this way works and its not too hard
You can tune to anything without a tuner if you start in standard. From standard, you'd drop the D, and then tune everything normally. Now you're in DGCFAD, just drop the C and presto.