Hay guyz. I have a live Jack Johnson album, and I don't know what it is because it has no tags. I'm sure it's him, too.
It has 18/19 tracks, and track 7 is Bubbly Toes. I couldn't find the Jack Johnson thread because searchbar doesn't work.

So anyone know what this is?
There has not been any Jack Johnson live albums released so I am not sure. But I have seen a lot of videos on youtube of a live concert he gave in Hawaii. Did Eddie Vetter sing with him on any of the songs? If not try looking on youtube and see if you can not come across a match for one of the live songs on your cd
Nope, no one sings with him. It's pretty good quality, but the way it's lain out is strange. Some songs are a few seconds of him talking, and others are 10 minutes long and are 2 songs. I guess I'll check out youtube.