Hi, im new to the forum, although ive been browsing it for a while!

But this website helped me learn guitar, the one i have isn't very good though.

I was looking for a good cheap new one and found this

I have no idea about guitars though, is this as good as it sounds? Will it be good to take my playing up a level?

It looks very slash lol, but can you help?
Thank you
Something doesn't seem right. The pictures of it look great, but the price is WAY too low for something like that. I understand it is Ebay and it has six days left and the price may go up, but usually there is a base price for things like guitars. This one doesn't appear to have a base price except .99 pounds. It sounds fishy to me.
I dunno, i wouldnt be too keen on buying it, doesnt look too well made to me to be honest. Espically the position of that truss rod cover would make me wonder. Generally chinese copies like these they worry more about copying that making a good instrument, but its up to you, you cant play this guitar before buying it either.

Depends on how much money you have ofc as well, but id aim for another guitar, agile, epiphone, tokai, there are many good brands out there with LP guitars
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leave it well alone go to a shop and try some first even if you cant play you will get the feel
Why would you buy a chinese copy that doesn't even look real, the right cutout is horribly wrong and the pickups looks way off. The headstock is nothing like the same. I would personally say get an agile, one of the $250ish US agiles are nice.
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