So I'm jamming with one of my friends tommorow, and I was just thinking about brinigng my rig over to his house, and thought to myself; jeez, is my 50 watt tube head gunna be too LOUD to jam with? I know I can turn the volume down and whatnot (each channels got a master, than a global master), but it got me thinking; I should probably invest in a decent practice/jam amp for not only jamming with friends, but playing at home when I don't feel like having the massive volume my Mesa puts out.

So yea, what are some good amps as such? I think I want to go with a modeling amp, simply cuz I can go from a jazz sound to a blues sound, to a rock sound all the way up to a death metal sound all in the same amp without it sounding TOO bad.

Budget: Not much more than like 500 or 600 USD.

Styles: I mainly do rock, alt, metal, punk/hardcore, but I do want it to be capable of other things.

So any recommendations? I've got to be honest and say I only know like 4 modeling amps (Line 6 Spider, Roland Cube, Line 6 Flextone, and Line 6 Vetta) so that's why I'm asking this question. I just really want amp names and whatnot, it's not an imperative purchase, seeing as I don't have the cash right now for one, but it's something I'd like to have. Also, since I am going to college in about a year, I'd also like this amp able to be used in a dorm room too, aside from jams and practicing.

Cube or Flextone.
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wow, really? Cool, i'll definitely try out the flextone (i was actually leaning towards this one).