Ive bin searching around for new equipment-upgrade for the past 3½ month, and this is what ive found..
I play: Trivium, Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, mostly that genre, and sometimes I tend to do some songs with the clean channel to..
Im btw kinda new to recording, mostly the interface part.

Would this work allright?

MIC(Shure sm57): http://www.aage.dk/shoppingsystem/vare.asp?varenr=32199
Interface(M-Audio): http://www.aage.dk/shoppingsystem/vare.asp?varenr=16989
AMP (ENGL Fireball): http://www.aage.dk/shoppingsystem/vare.asp?varenr=24168
CAB (Engl E112V Pro): http://www.aage.dk/shoppingsystem/vare.asp?varenr=31019

Shifting to this cab: Engl E212VH Pro Kabinet -- http://www.aage.dk/shoppingsystem/vare.asp?varenr=31017
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If I were you I'd get another mic to go along with the shure, maybe a e609. The shure alone will sound kinda grainy and trebly.
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A Mesa MK-IV would work well for an amp, as well as the Fireball. Otherwise that looks fine.
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I dont need another mic, ive heard recordings with that mic doesnt sound grainy at all... the hardest thing to find was the Interface and the Amp... for at cab i think the ENGL with V30s are good enough.
bump for what? the equipment is fine, the interface is fine, the amp isn't my cup of tea at all, but then again i hate that kind of music, but for that kind of music it's fine.
You buying new or used?
The Fireball seams like a good amp, I've been considering one myself, but don't expect the cleans to be great while only having a single EQ for both channels. The clean channel is deffinatly usable, but if you're looking for great sparkling cleans then I'd consider looking at some other amps. On the other hand, the Fireball with deffinatly give you a good distorted tone for what your wanting to play.

If I were you, and I'm assuming you're interested in used gear as well (?) I'd consider checking out something in the Mesa Mark series. The Mark III's go for around the same as the Fireballs on ebay ($800USD on average) and will probably do much better for you. Good clean channel and one hell of a distorted channel. The voicing on the Mark III's are quite different then the Mark IV's, but they'll deffinatly be cabable for doing what you're playing as well. I believe 'Lamb of God' uses the Mesa Mark IV series both live and recording, but I could be wrong about that. From what I've seen on ebay, the Mark IV's go for about as much as a new Fireball ($1400USD) and you may very well prefer it to the Engl.

Last time I heard anything from Arch Enemy they were using Randall V2's or something. I think these amps are SS with one tube channel, and I don't mean it in a bad way. These amps have a pretty good amount of low end, and thanks to the EQ sliders like the Mesa Mark Series, they're pretty easy to dial in if done correctly. You could always try checking one of these amps out in a local shop. If you like it, maybe you could grab one used and save yourself some cash (They're $800USD-$1000USD On Average Used), although for that price, I would probably go with one of the other options I've stated above.

As for everything else, I don't know to much about those. I do know that I've heard people saying that without a 4x12 with the ENGL's, they seam to sound as if they're lacking alot of balls.

Sorry I couldn't help you out to much, just my $0.02 about what you plan on doing.
thx for the great answer Caraluzzo, I havent really heard anything about the difference between a 1x12" and 4x12" allthough there must be some, other than its louder :O Im going to look into it Ive tried a few Mesa's and I have allways found them kinda old sounding... not in a bad way at all, but not exactly that type of sound Im after ^^
First of all, the links don't work or the site is down, I'm assuming the Fireball is the 50W version? Otherwise it will blow that 1x12 cab.

Second of all, people who are suggesting Mesa obviously haven't noticed that the sites he linked are in German, which leads me to believe... he's not from the US... which means Mesa amps are crazy expensive and not worth it there.

The mic is fine, you don't need another one. Not sure about the interface since the link just shows an error message right now.

I'm not sure how much the Engl cab is, but I know there's a Framus 2x12 cab that is fairly cheap compared to others and will sound great. I think playing it through a 1x12 will give you good results recording wise, but live, it won't have the bottom end you'll want, a 2x12 is a good compromise.
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Yeah for your music that's pretty good. Other amp suggestions could maybe be a boogie if you can find one. Also there are some Marshalls that those bands use. Also the Krank Revolution or Krankenstein are really good. Just some suggestions.
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