Alright, I've been playing the guitar for about a year and I own a left-handed Squier Stratocaster (cheap crap, I know, but when you're a lefty and down on your money you don't have much choice..). I'm in a heavy metal band since July as a rhythm guitarist, and up until today I've had trouble setting up my distortion well.

I'm relying on pedals, specifically Digitech's Death Metal distortion. I used to use my dad's "Boss ME-6 Multiple Guitar Effects", but alas, it just doesn't can't pull out a distortion brutal enough to suit our band's sound, and now I'm just using it's noise supressor. I'm not satisfied with my sound, and I thought I'd get this processor for myself. Two of my friends have it, and they're perfectly happy with it, the question is, is it a good processor for heavy metal in general? I definitely know that the Boss I've been using isn't, at least from my experience (which I admit isn't much, but still...).

I'd really appreciate some help. I think I'm making the right choice by purchasing this processor, it isn't too expensive and I think it'd serve me well. Am I wrong?

BTW, here's a review about it if that helps:

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try the BOSS Me-50 or higher. I liked using my ME-50 before my bassist stole it and broke apart from the band...
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More than anything i would bet it's your amp. What are you using?

In the studio, I'm using a Randall amp, and at home I use a Fender Frontman 15G. The one in the studio is a good amp, but I just can't get that brutal sound that my lead guitarist gets, although, he bought a processor for around €150...Maybe combining the RP-80 with my Death Metal pedal would get me somewhere?
I bought the first floor unit I think by Digitech, the RP1. Since then I went through several Line 6 products, which serve its purpose. I currently use Orange amps and different boost and distortion pedals. If money is an issue and you can afford the RP80 and not much else, go for it. Play it loud and enjoy yourself until you get more experience, get famous, then go on worldwide tours and can afford every pedal ever made.
I used to have an RP-80. Now I've switched for a Line 6 floor pod. It works much better and it's so much easier to use. It's a bit more expensive than the RP-80 but it's well worth it.
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