I dont know if this thread will get closed, the rules didnt really say that i couldnt do this... Unless i didnt see the rule... but oh well.

I submitted a tab for Breaking Inside, by Shinedown, here is the URL. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/shinedown/breaking_inside_tab.htm

Now, i got a couple bad ratings on this because they thought i didn't tab it right, some guy commented on the capo part, and i think he just got mixed up between guitar I and guitar II, because guitar II doesn't have a capo on it... You'll know what i mean when you read the comments and see the tab...

Can anyone take a look at my tab and tell me if he is right, or if i made a mistake? cuz when i play it, it sounds perfectly fine. Thanks!
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The layout is slightly confusing. Like the A#5 - C5 bit just after the intro makes it look like guitar 1 should still be playing it.

For the sections you have two guitars tabbed out it might be worth writing it like this...

 gt.1 (capo 3)
|gt.2 (standard)

Just so it gets into people's heads.
From the bits I tried it did seem to sound ok - didn't play the whole thing though.
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