Hello, my "band" (2 guitarists and a singer) is going to play a few songs at an upcoming highschool dance. Were not playing the music to be danced to, but outside people sit at this patio type thing, and we thought we would play some stuff to entertain the people sitting around outside. We will have battery powered mini amps at most so we've decided were gunna play acoustic songs and some simple, clean, electric songs. Both us guitarists are fairly new guitarists, were okay, but not great. Broken by Seether, and 45 by Shinedown are around the edge of our comfort level to try infront of anyone. However, our singer is very talented. But, to the point, I'm hoping to get some suggestions of acoustic or simple, clean electric songs for us to play. Some of our ideas so far are: 45 (acoustic) by Shinedown, Broken (acoustic) by Seether, Everlong (acoustic) by Foo Fighters, Bad day by Fuel, Outside by Staind, Times like these by Foo Fighters, Face down (acoustic) by The red jumpsuit apparatus, Swing life away by Rise Against, If you could only see by Tonic. I know we kindof already have alot, but were unsure on some of them, and might play some similar situations, so some song suggestions along the lines of the ones I listed would be very much appriciated. Thanks alot.
since it's a party envoriment, why don't you play Smells like teen spirit? (this may be a stupid suggestion) I think playing foo fighters is a great choice, but also try nirvana.