Nice little cover of the solo from the song *Tell Me* by the one and only Hide of X Japan. I have just started recording so I'm working on quality and everything but I think it sounds pretty top notch. If your too lazy to give it a download, just look in my profile. Its all posted.

I recorded all 3 guitars and then just used my pro tools for drums and bass.

Hey thanks so much and I will gladly C4C. :

Link (instant download - no waiting in line bullshit) - http://www.mediafire.com/?jfvrzymr2gm
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that was epic man
i love that kinda music and it sounded great! what gear do you use?
Jackson DXMG -> Vai Morley Wah -> Korg Black Tuner -> (Need a delay) -> Maxon OD808 -> BBE Sonic Maximizer -> ISP Noisegate -> Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Jackson DK Dinky and a Spider II, that's about it lol. Never been into the pedals. Thanks for the crit!