That's the working title for it at the moment.

Misery Your Name

Verse 1

He who enters here is but a stranger once,
Left to rot in house of dead,
He who enters here is but lonely once,
Accepted by the inbred.


Wlecomed into home as one of them,
Never accepted outside of this dark,
Burnt and twisted, bodies malformed,
Outcasts only, reject the norm.
Society turns it back on you,
Leaving you bitter and empty alone, alone
The darkened take you under their wing,
Spread their shame, misery your name.

Misery your name!

Verse 2

He who enters here is but a sinner once,
Pitch black shadow, Darken sky,
He who enters here is but faithful once,
Spread your wings, make them cry.

That's all I have so far. C4C, but my critting back won't be tonight as it is 12:30 and I'm tired. Style of song is Metallica-esque, newer Metallica, similiar to some of Death Magnetic.