ive been playing electric guitar for a few years now, and havent really run into any major problems. now ive run into one and im looking for some advice.

guitar: PRS Tremonti SE
cables: monster
distortion pedal: boss ds-1
amp: peavey classic 30

basically the problem is simple: when im plugged in, even at relatively low volumes (amp is at like 2-3 when im playing in the bedroom), i get this major humming sound. even when i dampen the strings it continues. i noticed the humming does stop when i put a few fingers (one alone doesnt work) on the bridge pickup... so i assume that the humbucker has gone bad, or something of that nature. anyone know for sure what the problem could be? id like to solve this ASAP, as im not playing much these days, due solely to the fact that i cannot stand the humming. it hums whether or not i am playing, if that makes a difference. thanks!
its probably a wiring problem, it might not be grounded properly or something came loose.
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Have you tried plugging directly into the amp without the pedal?

Tried a different guitar? (you could take it to a store and ask them to let you plug a verified, working guitar into it)

Tried a different cable?

Tried switching to the clean channel on your amp or adjusting the gain to see if that makes a difference?

Make sure before you go assuming it's a bad pickup. It may just end up being a cable or some such and you could potentially end up saving yourself a little cash (especially since monsters have a lifetime warrenty)
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so i tried plugging into the amp without the pedal and the hum is gone, just the normal feedback when i get close enough. my next assumption is the pedal is causing the hum, but im not sure why. its a little late, so im going to wait till tomorrow to try to figure it out. ill post my findings then. thanks for the input, im a real nub when it comes to guitar repair/fixing guitar-related problems.
honestly a pedal causing hum does not surprise me, if you really can't live with the hum and still wanna use the DS-1 then buy a noise-gate, humming problem gone.
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Two things immediately come to mind:

1 - Are there other electrical devices around you amp? Specifically TVs, computer monitors or possibly a microwave? Any of those will cause hum so move away from them.

2 - It could also be a grounding issue, I'm not sure how to actually sort out a problem like that though so best take it to a tech and get the wiring looked at.
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well the hum is just too annoying... i mean if you stop playing (or even while youre playing) you can hear it, which is not desireable. there are no other electrical devices around it... unless you count my computer, though that is a good 10 feet away. as for the grounding issue, i really have no idea either. i think my best bet is to probably invest in a footswitch or something, eh?