I have a school concert later in the year for our jazz combo.

its a huge school concert and we take songs from any genre from metal to bluegrass and do covers in jazz

the theme this year is Casino's and money

any ideas for songs and whatnot, right now we are all working on an upbeat swing cover of ace of spades by motorhead lol
Do all of De-Loused in the Comatorium, replacing the vocals with horns.

Win/win/win there.
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money..theres already a jazz version of it out (pink floyd btw)
its off the jazz side of the moon, great album, give it a shot.
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uh....how about money by pink floyd? eat the rich by aerosmith? what do you do for money by ac/dc? viva las vegas by zz top?

just a few?
You could do a jazzy version of a blues song about money (which there are a plethora of). Throw in some "Runnin Blues" type changes and it would sound great.
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Ain't Life Grand by Slash's Snakepit is pretty damn cool, although I wonder where you'd get the sheet music.