I want to learn some more acoustic songs!
I like stuff from city and colour
and wondering what you would suggest I learn also!
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you people?
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I Don't Really Know But Capitalising The First Letter In Every Word Is Really Annoying.

As For Me I Like To Play My Own Songs, As I Am Not Into Show Boating.
Try some foo fighters... their album In Your Honor (Disk 2 ) look it up
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GAYS...we don't hate that your gay we hate that your proud of it
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Sir, I find that statement racist.

sorrry. I was gonna say you guys but there a probably some girls on this site so I said people :P
jack johnson or maybe even something like xaiver rudd. i will have a new acoustic song up on tab tomorrow its called gentaly as she goes by sime nugent. look it up and tell me if you like it. if you do ill give it to you. send a message on my profile if you want it.
thanks nick