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47 20%
10 4%
20 8%
35 15%
48 20%
37 16%
3 1%
4 2%
17 7%
17 7%
Voters: 238.
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I have seen many elimination games and polls to find ultimate guitars favourate guitar brand. This is a new kind of poll. The question is 'what brand of guitar do you have'. This is to find out what guitar brand we really actually spend our money on. By looking at previous polls and elimination games we will be able to know if we really spend our money on the brands that win those games. If you have more than one electric guitar vote for the brand of the better of the guitars.

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It is unfortunate I could not include PRS, B.C. Rich or Gretsch. I was only able to put 10 choices in the poll.
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Jackson, Ibanez, And Epi.

EDIT: And fender
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I like how you failed to list B.C. Rich.
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ibanez for now, esp in the future
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Ibanez - Iceman
Epi - Flying V

Cant really pick between 'em, depends on what im playing.
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Carvin 747, but where is it on your list?
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i got 4 fenders: 2008 american std strat; '72 reissue tele; spalted maple top tele with mahogany body, set neck and duncans on a coil tap; and i also got a '95 mexican tele.
Epi LP standard EPI FTW!
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Squier all the way. High-five for people with no job...
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Jackson Ftw!!!
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Ibanez all the way.

Im not dissing any other brands, but im just saying, in my opinion, they are the best guitars ive ever played. (Although i havent played a vigier or a capirison! )
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Of that list, I have a Fender. I also own a PRS, two Martins and an Epiphone.
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I have a Lyon Washburn. It's pretty standard for beginners.
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I play a Fender... unfortunately, though, it's a STARcaster. But hey, i'm getting an Agile AL-2000 hopefully for Christmas.

Epiphone Les Paul Std, albeit a bit customised.

Mine's pretty damn good, especially now, but I got lucky with the quality control guys.
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nobody has a dean lol
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