ok I so I started playing the bass and I can keep the rhythm when I play alone but I loose the rythm when I play with other people. So tomorrow I will just concentrate all I can on just hearing myself. Is this a normal problem and any tips please.
hey also I play the guitar and I like the bass more and I cant wait to get one in Christmas, and so should I learn some bass songs and use the guitar as a bass?
+1 to tapping your foot.

Try paying a little less attention to the sound coming from your amp and more attention to what the others are playing. You may be so intent on focusing on your sound that you're tuning out the sounds around you. That was my biggest problem starting out, and I still have to be concious of it.
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I find that most people WAY over estimate their rhythm and how well they keep time.

If you have a metronome with a 'click' sound you can set it up and clap along with it. If you are clapping correctly in time with the metronome clicks, the sound of your clap and the click will blend and you shouldn't be able to hear the metronome at all, the clicks will disappear sort of. If your fast or slow you'll definately hear it.

If you don't have a metronome with a click you can use the track below at studybass.com for the same purpose.


It's not as easy as it looks and really does take some practice.
Try the clapping way, although I don't know how effective its going to be since you're going to want to clap to keep your rhythm, and you obviously can't do that while play guitar.

Try it, if it doesn't work then Pm me.