so theres a contest going on in my university res building to design a hoody logo. the building name is valhalla. can anybody design a logo

maybe with a viking type theme using this

Vocals Wanted For:
Tool-Sober, Aenema
Led Zeppelin-The Ocean
Rush-Tom Sawyer, Fly By Night, Limelight
Assorted Original Acoustics

PM if interested
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Using what?
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If I had my USB I'd scan and upload the picture I drew in Bio today. It's a viking fighting a nazi bat whilst screaming "For Valhalla!".

Damn USB is hiding from meh
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i was bored. that took like 5 mins, so its nothing great.

oh, and i dont know what you wanted me to use, because nothing was in your post.
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But then it wouldn't be your design and if you won you wouldn't deserve the prize.

He forgot to put the fine print of the rules, where it explicitly states that you can ask your favorite online forum to do it for you.