All of the 9 year old that think they're epic (and actually use the word epic?!)
I just found some kind with a Metallica signature.....

So is anyone up for it, or am I just retarded?
OK, cause I'm an elite hacker that can crash websites.

And i take suggestions from whiny people on forums.
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You really are just retarded....

edit: I mean seriously...why do you give a shit what 9 year olds are up to?

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So is anyone up for it, or am I just retarded?

lol... my little cousin (9) showed me how to hack neopets. i don't do it though. kinda boring if you ask me.
Anyway, he showed me peoples profiles that he messed up.


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what this man says is correct.

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WHAT IS THE PIT!?!?!!!!!!?!??

You admitted to your own retardation. I don't even need to reinforce it.
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What is the threadstarter doing on a website for children anyway?

What are we all doing on a website for children?

(Don't worry pit, that wasn't some existentialist remark about UG/life, just a joke about paedophiles - put down that sippy cup and calm down)
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So you admit to also being on Neopets?

wut do u mean also?
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Hey...I still use Neopets...


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I get where you're coming from TS. It's kinda ridiculous that they have a Metallica signature Neopet, but ...it's Metallica. They do shit for money. Get over it. Plus, unless you are 9 years old, you shouldn't be worried about it.
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they still exist?
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wut do u mean also?

Here, let me fix you're spelling:

"What do you mean also?"

Well, I meant that he admitted to being on Neopets with the 9 yr. olds. How could he have seen the sig otherwise?
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sorry buddy
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Denny Crane.

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touche vman, touche

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Just how old are you?
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I'm thinking you've got a beard...

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Okay well I want whiter teeth... and I would like to know if rubbing sandpaper on your teeth is safe or not.