This is my first ever post on the Forum, don't let me down fellow stringers.

Good evening, I have been having a whole lot of trouble with a section of Tommy Emmanuels Papa George, so much that I am starting to question whether tommy plays it like that just to confuse people. The problem is in the version on youtube where he is playing in a studio (link below). The problem comes after the second verse after the muted Em(or whatever)... he proceeds to mute a few strings, hammers on his pinky and slides up to a chord which is below and then slides his pinky down to this other chord(below). Anyhow although the power tab I've downloaded sounds great and seems to have the tablature correct but am having some real issues with trying to match the timing of my tablature between 0:30 and 0:33... It has been driving me crazy and I can't seem to move on... If someone could create a tab that illustrates timing and sounds like the video below, I will praise thee!!!!!!
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-2 -2
-2 -2
-6 -4
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Standard with CAPO on 2nd fret
I'm not sure if this helps, but I wrote the fingers below (index, medium, pinky)..