When I angle my pick, should the angleing motion be done with my fingers, or should I keep my pick straight and angle my arm?
The angling motion should be done with the joints of the fingers, mainly the thumb joint.

Paul Gilbert explains it well in a video, one sec.


He goes into more detail here:

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I've always used my wrist.

Not sure if its proper though.
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i dunno i play wierd... i play with the pick in my tumb and middle finger and i hold it rele clse to the botom... i dunno if its any better but its how im comfotabel so then i jsut angel it with mi finger... i think thats how you are supposed to...
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I personally don't angle the pick at all, and turn my wrist. I've been able to get fast doing this, although I do admit there's less resistance picking with an angle. The sound of the pick scraping the strings just really bugs me, So I prefer this cleaner picking. I don't think it really matters how you pick, as long as you pick mostly with your wrist. Arm/Thumb picking has a limit on it's speed an can cause major tension and cramps.