This thing is coming out late November and I don't know too much on it, other than what's on the Dunlop site, which isnt a whole lot at all lol. So far I know it's true bypass, based off of Eddie's "Holy Grail" modded Crybaby, has an awesome paint job and thats about it. I'm debating on getting this when it comes out, or the Wylde Wah.

Anyone here know anything on it? Have you tried it? Is it sweetened by Fasal (however you spell it)? Am I better off with the Wylde? Thanks.
The wylde wah sucks. It doesn't sound any better than a stock crybaby, yet it's more money. The EVH seems kind of like a gimmick just to have more EVH pedals. My favorite crybaby is the dimebag crybaby from hell, I so wish I would've picked one of those up instead of the slash I have.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I was surprised when this appeared becasue it occured to me that EVH doesnt use wah alot. at all.

Its like the EVH phase-90, its one of those things used to get more money even though its the same product.