First gig is coming and I was wondering , could you tell me some things to watch out for at our first gig. Amp placement? Microphones? Volume?
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Well in my experience your first concern should be a proper sound check. Seriously.
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MAKE SURE YOU GOT YOUR VOLUME LEVELS GOOD. my first gig was just a few songs with this band and when i went to play with them my guitar was really quiet. it sucked. dont let that happen to you.

you also dont wanna be too loud. just get your sound check right.
you should place the guitarists in front of their amps so they can listen themselves, dont spread too far cause you will need serious comunication, watch out for cables, spread them so someone wont trip on them, warm up before playing! and for gods sake make sure everyone is tuned correctly
your first gig will be your worst nightmare, i can guarantee that. but you will learn a lot from it, and your second gig will be awesome.
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check sound and dont **** it up
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just relax and have fun, you'll play better that way. also, if the place mics the amps, they might not know what they are doing. if they put the mic in the direct center of your amp, move it a little off center to the left or right. also sound check it important like they said
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