So, thats about it. I need a guitar that is good for drop c stuff. I might tend to go to drop B, and once in a blue moon in drop A for shitz and giggles(No good music in drop A), but anywhoo, the max $ is 1400. Unless it is a mutch better guitar for 100 more, but otherwise, nothing over 1400. I have a good amp, so we dont have to worry about that. ANY sugestions are appreciated
Just about any guitar works for any tuning. It's a case of setting up truss rod. Really, I have an Epi Explorer that I sometimes tune down to C and it's alright
I would get an ESP Horizon NT-II, but anything that is comfortable will work as long as you have a good amp and you use the right strings.
The new Jackson Demmelition V or w/e its called that comes in Drop B but lol u know that its made for drop tuning XD
Dude are you serious? You're asking people on UG what you should spend your grand and a half on? How do you have that much money for a guitar and not know which one you want to buy already?

Any freaking guitar will do just fine with dropped tunings. Those with bi-flex/advanced truss rods will do better for you though. Maybe a Parker or something.
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Well i had the ESP Viper standard in mind. I think it should do the trick, does anyone dissagree with that, or have a better guitar to suggest than that?
ESP SV Standard emg 81/85 orignal floyd rose(it has it all for me but they are harder to find)

- Dean razorback V 255 I love this one ,I would only change the floyd for an original one it has emg 81/85

- Jackson Demmelition with emg 81/60 original floyd rose

- Jackson Rhoads rr1 24 frets with seymour duncans JB (i would prefer personaly emg 81/85)

-Schecter V Hellraiser with 81/89 original rose

they all have 25,5" neck and 24 frets wich suits great for low tunings they are all around that price
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Jackson Soloist or Ibanez S Prestige series. Or if you want something that looks as BRUTALZORZ as your music get a high end B.C. Rich.

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