How Does Co-headlining work, like do both the bands get the same amount of time and how do they determine who goes on last?
Bandleading probably?
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ask the person who is managing the show...it will be different depending on the situation.
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When I was a brootal sith rocklord, my band was co-headlining a tour.

I got pissed one night.

We were headlining the tour the next day.

The other band was never heard from.
ive been to a few shows like that.

normally they play for about the same amount of time.

i dont know how they choose who goes first though.
All of the co-headlining shows I've been to generally had the two bands alternating their slots every night.
I know when Manson and Slayer played a concert together, Manson went first so the Slayer fans wouldn't molest him.

Though I dont think they were co-headlining.

But its possible the most metal band would go last, so that the energy of the show doesn't suddenly drop.
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They say you'll co-headline, but the other act will always manipulate you to make you go first. Just make it so they can't follow it :P
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i think it applies more to multi-day festivals and such than it does to single day shows

day 1: band 1 headlines
day 2: band 2 headlines
day 3: band 3 headlines

but on the event poster it would have all 3 bands as the headliners
On Co-Headlining tours bands will often alternate who plays last each night, but they both get the exact same amount of stage time.