Clips will be added shortly, sorry I could not add more than one picture because my stupid as OPTIO camera eats batteries like crazy, but here she is my mesa boogie trem-o-verb, comes with footswtich and all the original parts and tags, she was babied, and its a great amp let me tell ya, 1300.00 and I took her home. hope yall like.

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brb fappin....

...back...omg thats sexi. clipz

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

You didn't mention the guitar pr0n for foreplay... Nice tele, congrats on the amp!
you have no idea how much i freaking hate you.

i love green + black like that.

i would kill to have my jackson like that rather then a white pinstripe.
is that a custom jackson or what?
i know this is an amp thread but im wondering. Nice amp though, definately kills my cheap SS crate
Wow, don't see those Kevin Bond Rhoads everyday...

Say, I don't see an amp in that picture
does it work? i thought one of the powertubes had gone or something.
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The guy I bought it from had the powertube replaced yesterday so everything is rocking, she is being powered by 4 6L6 power tubes, I will try my best to show you my unimpressive guitar tone, probably no video, but sound hopefully, also it sounds bad ass, its very loud so i am going to be wearing ear plugs and for the past 20 i have been playing it fairly loud to the point where it sounds awsome and no complaints from neighbours or my mother yet, so ahoy hoy tube amp and away or something like that...

clipz followsz shortly...
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Dude, that's hot. Totally dig that Jackson.
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Clips will be up in a few minutes I am just rendering it all together (damn editing class teaching me something useful)

Anyways, thanks for the comment on the jackson, its a great guitar, for those who do not know its a Jackson Kevin Bond signature, who is the guitarist for super joint ritual with phil anselmo of Pantera, I bought it only for the fixed bridge, because I generally do not like playing on trems they are not comfortable so I bought this bad boy, and it turns out I got some what of a rarity aswell and one bad ass metal guitar only thing is that it's a one trick pony, its good for metal and some blues but thats about it, it does not play the clean game to well thats why i bought the tele, the tele is just a MIM Tele in Electron blue I got it set up by some guys who just know there way around a guitar, and it plays amazing, I could not be happier for 400, infact I play it more than the jackson.
In order for evil to succeed, good men must do nothing...
In order for evil to succeed, good men must do nothing...
Aww, when you said Pr0n I was hopin to be able to see the sexy guts in that thing
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hehe, sorry zombie maybe when I get some gad dang batteries for this shtheap i call a camera...
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Nice purchase! I wish I had gotten the trem-o-verb but i couldn't afford it. I'd like to hear a clip with more reverb (on the drive channel) and tremolo.
wow freakin loving the finish on the rhoads. insert a gold floyd and youre set for like with that thing mang. freakin the guitar is pr0n. amp is pr0n but i cant hear it!
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Thanks for all the compliments on the gear guys, the V is definately an awsome guitar, and the tele is aswell, I will hopefully get some more clips up of the built in effects on the boogie, but my best advice to you is to just go out and play one for yourself if you can find one, because you will never get the true essence until you are playing it, and boy oh boy is that essence ever sweet...
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I was so close to getting that Kevin Bond sig, but the pentagram inlays were really badly done, unlike yours which look great, but on the one I was gonna get they were all dodgy andf crooked..
StratPat this one like came from the factory perfect haha it is just an amazing axe.
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lucky sob!11
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that was an epic win
best thing ive read all day

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Nice setup mate, looks the shit

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