Alright everybody, my warwick build is 99.99% done just have to screw in pickup and its done and its time for a new one. I will have pics TOMORROW but the body design is an original (as far as I know) I'm really excited about this one, so here are the specs.

Body wood

-Black walnut with Maple burl top


-5 piece Black walnut with maple stringers
-Birdseye Fretboard


-Seymour duncan AJB 5 string jazz set and STC-3A Preamp

-35" Scale

-Bolt on neck

-Hipshot A style Bridge

-Fretboard LED's (hopefully)

So that's it for now but I have one question for the time being which is, is there a tutorial or something that can show me how to do fretboard LED's?


Second image is gone
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wow thats a really good design, different but not obviously trying to be different
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Thanks man. The bodies cut out and ready to glue more black walnut on it as it is to thin at the moment. Pics tonight!