So the other guitarist in my band, is really into dream theater. I am not a fan, I think their music is really boring/uninteresting and uninspiring. I was insulted after mentioning this to the other guitarist as we were watching a utube video. He said something along the lines of me never being able to play anything near that to that skill level. Then we made a bet, the bet is that I can not learn from start to finish a dream theater song in under a month, on the guitar. I told him if I lose the bet im quitting the band. If I win hes gota give me his dead fathers custom made gibson. We were both pretty drunk when this happend but I intend to follow up on this.

I own a few DT albums but never listened to em much. Give me a good song to learn lz Ug. Trying to find something reasonable. No 20 minute songs.
mmm, depends on ur skill level, if u are good you can learn it in under a month, if you think u are good, u r not gonna make it, theres no easy dream theater song, but the "easiest" for me is another day
Do you want something easy? Or something that'll be an actual challenge, and be impressive if you learn it? Whatever.

Just Let Me Breath
Pull Me Under
Panic Attack
Strange Deja Vu (sounds pretty easy)
The Dance of Eternity
New Millennium
The Glass Prison (quite hard)
In the Name of God (not TOO hard, but the solo... ****.)
Constant Motion. It's pretty easy for the most part actually, except some random bits.
Stream of Consciousness

This song is awesome. Im really enjoying it and have deciding to learn it.

Overture 1928. I can't play it but I think you can
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