Ok the first one.

My dad wants me to learn how to play guitar first without an amp. He says i should learn how to in my words "Train my ears" and other stuff.

any exercises i can do to help make this processes quicker so i can get an amp faster.

Second question What songs can i play with an amp-less electric guitar.

Third question. Whenever i press down on the strings it's muted , so do i have to play with without pressing at all?
first question - no. as long as it is fun then you wont care how fast you progress.

second question - you can play whatever song you want,but i have never heard a song featuring an electric guitar not plugged in. thats why there are acoustic guitars.

third quetion - what??
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Tell your Dad he's retarded. Playing with an amp is great for training your ear, because, guess what, it'll amplify all your mistakes. If you hear your mistakes, you'll be able to fix them. Play in both clean and distorted channels. That also answers the 2nd question. The third could be a few problems. I'll let someone else handle that.
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Let me clear up the third question.

I press down on the guitar strings ,and strum. I get a stringy sound compared to the normal sound i get when i don't press on them.

So am i doing something wrong?
You can play anything with an unplugged elec. Actually, it's a great way to start because you're forced to generate tone with your fingers and how you fret/strike the strings, rather then relying on distortion.

If you can't hear what you're doing, you aren't hitting em hard enough. Pay attention to ol' dad, it sounds like he knows what he's doing.
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You should have bought an acoustic first if this was how you (or he) wanted to learn.

Can you do it on electric unplugged? Sure. In fact, one of the signs that a guitar is any good at all is how it sounds unplugged. Always play it unplugged first in the future before you buy.

Work on fingering so that each note sounds clearly. Playin without an amp'll actually help you in the long run. Love what you do, and it won't matter, though.
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question 1:
i disagree with garou and your dad, sorry, it is a bad idea, playing without an amp, will cause something called a heavy right hand, when strumming its ok, but to become advance you have to be concentrating on precision rather than hammering the strings likes you can do when strumming, and there are more things to think about then just 'training' your ears, which to me doesnt make sense. you cant hammer, pull off, theres more unwanted sound when playing with an amp, so its important to have one from the get go, so bad habbits that stay there dont come into it. i advise an amp, and would not recommend going unplugged.

question 2: any song, if you have no experience... start with chords

question 3: i think you mean your putting your finger over the metal bar, pur your finger on the wood rather than the metal bits.

happy playing good luck

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Thank you for all the answers. I was putting my fingers on the strings itself ,and strummed /picked. I'll try out the others right now.
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Tell your Dad he's retarded.

That's probably not the best way of going about getting him to buy you an amp, is it?
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.
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That's probably not the best way of going about getting him to buy you an amp, is it?

most definatly
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