(if this should be in the "Electric Guitar" section, then I'm sorry. I decided to post here instead of there because this is more of a "basics" question)

Ok, I'm strongly considering buying a new electric guitar. My last 2 electrics (Squier Strat and BC Rich Warlock) were complete shyte. The Squier went out of tune constantly, plus I didn't want to keep playing a "starter pack guitar". BC seemed too fragile, muddy-sounding, whammy-less, and demonic-looking (I DON'T just play metal... Like, blues or funk on a demonic guitar = awkward).

I'm looking for something in that price range (or higher... not too much, though) that DOES NOT SUCK! I completely understand that a <$300 guitar isn't gonna sound good, but I'll just have to deal. I just want the best thing I can get for my money. Money is not really an issue for me, as I plan to get a job soon. I would, however, like to keep it under $300 if possible, but I can go over if needed. I just don't want to spend a lot of money on it since I'm saving up for a car.

I indent a lot because IMO it's a lot easier to read when it's not all bunched together.

I play all types of rock, heavy or soft. Some blues. Some funk. Some death metal. Some of everything. I want the pickups to be able to play well clean or distorted (and not all poopy sounding). I normally play with a tiny bit to a ton of gain. Or perfectly clean... but usually with a LITTLE gain, at least. It need to be able to handle that.

I've been using my friend's Ibanez RG120 lately. It seems good for the price ($200, cheaper than that BCR and better in every way). Would something like that be my best bet? Or something else? I want something with a whammy bar, preferably 24 frets, decent pickups, and hopefully able to keep it's tuning.

Ok, so what should I get?? Thanks in advance.

(i know there's a section for requests, but nobody check that anymore >.< )


Would somebody tell me about Les Pauls? Like, what's the deal with them? Ok, I understand that the Gibson LP's are considered one of the world's greatest guitars. It seems like people will go crazy to get anything RESEMBLING an LP though (Epiphone, Agile, etc.) even if it's not a Gibson. Is there something unique about them?

I honestly don't think they look THAT cool. Is that the only reason people love them? Are they just trying to look like Slash or somebody? (Talking about knockoffs, not Gibsons right now -> Or do they really have an extraordinary sound/feel/other? How do they compare to the SG (aside from not looking as cool)?

It just seems a bit weird (to me) that somebody would buy basically a "fake" (knockoff) instrument. Are they really worth it? Or just for Slash-wannabes?

Do you think an Epiphone/Agile/etc. would suit my style of music? All my friends say they would, and an LP would be a perfect guitar for me, but then again, all of my friends are complete dillweeds. I'd actually rather buy an SG if I decide to get a 'fake' guitar, but I really DON'T WANT a fake guitar unless they're worth it.



Just wondering, would a 30-watt solid state amp be loud enough to play small-to-moderate sized (outdoor) gigs? Or should I go with higher (50-75+?)? All the experiments I've done were inside a garage, and it's hard to know just from that if it would be enough.

Once again, thanks in advance.

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Your in the need a of a true Fender.

Fender Guitar and amp.
(Maybe a Made in Mexico strat and.. Super Champ XD? that thing can do a small gig)

I recommend it.

30 watt amps can get pretty loud, but a 30 watt on say, Volume 7 doesn't sound as good as something like a 100 watt on volume 3
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Hm, if you've been using a RG lately, why not try out the RG370DX? It's nice and slick imo.

I have one myself, and it's served me well in the time I've had it. Mine cost me $300, and I'd say it's well worth the price. Perhaps you can find it for cheaper. My first guitar was a Yamaha Strat copy, so I think that this guitar would be a good jump from your other guitars.

Though, you should note that the recent incarnations of this guitar have some weird paint jobs. I've seen a Red, Black, and White Tribal paint job that just looks horrible. They also have a Digital Camo version that doesn't look that bad, but it might not suit you.

If possible, look for the solid color versions, unless you like the other ones >.<

Try going to your local guitar shop and scope out some guitars.

As for your amp question, I think you should really invest in a higher watt amp.

I had a 30 Watt Vox that I put some mileage on, which sounded great. My friend had the larger 50 Watt Version of it and I couldn't go back.
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