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Do you let your pubes grow, do you shave them (if so, how often?) or do you just trim them?

This is, of course, for men.

I personally trim them every once in a while.
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i shave mine and it doesnt itch, if not shave... trim the mafukes, NOT natural.

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Trim, cuz no girl wants to go choke on hair.

im sure there are some out there that do
The first shave is no fun, but after that its nice to have it smooth.
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shave it makes it look bigger and i need all the help i can get

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I grow em out like a rastafarian's dreads.

I would not advise this at all.
I trim cause shaving BURNS OMG ITS F'ING BURNS!!!!!!!
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corn-rows dude hahaha

if you must get the clippers and CARFULLY trim. its too tough to shave and the itching isnt worth it. ooo but it feels great for a few days
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shaved. but i have a problem of what to call the area. i can't say pubic hair area cause there are no pubes, so i'm lost...
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I've shaved a couple of times, but I got over it reallll quick.
Trim it man, trim it.
I like to pretend I'm Johnny Depp, and scissor away at my crotch.
lol scissors I use a hair trimmer like what you cut hair with, so like 1 second and I'm done
I let 'em flow, so what if they start to go out to my thighs?
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I like to mix things up once in a while. Sometimes I'll go for that clean look, and sometimes I'll go for the rugged look. And it also depends on the weather. Don't want too much insulation in the summer.
I shave every 2 weeks. I just hate it when it gets prickly, the first couple of days after the shave. Because I always scratch my pubes and afterwards, there's red marks and it looks like I've got herpes or something. But after those few days, its all good, and any girl can suck my dick.
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I literally have some pubes ON my shaft lol. A few even halfway down it.

Take from that what you will.
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shaved. but i have a problem of what to call the area. i can't say pubic hair area cause there are no pubes, so i'm lost...

it'd still be the pubic bone, so its still the pubic area
Sarah is killing me to shave down there...
Tell me should i do it?
Advantages, disadvantages?
trim when I remember while I'm in the shower

I've only ever shaved twice and the last time was just the sack. I was testing to see if ball hair was the cause of the unwanted itch you get while your in public or trying to go to sleep. It only kind of worked :/
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Thank you, and may raw rock kill you forever and ever, amen.
I grab the scissors and trim it a bit every once in a while.

Please explain to me how to properly "shave" down there.
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i'm just naturally not that hairy, i dont think i need to trim any of it.
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