ill watch it next time i hook up my amp to my computer (its the only way i can have sound).
i love frank sinatra though
real bad quality on the recording... didn't listen to the whole thing watched some though sounded fairly good.. You've had voacl training of some sort I assume?
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Being a GNR fan is sometimes like being married to a wifebeater (let's assume we're all female for a second). We're being punched and kicked but we still love him no matter what.

like everyone said, its hard to listen to it because of it's quality. its also kind of hard to analyse someone's singing with them singing over the top of someone else's voice. I recommend you download a MIDI file of the song and sing along to that.

I'd also like to point out that you look like you're waiting for the bus throughout the entire track. brighten up your face by raising your cheeks as though you're smiling. not only you will look brighter, but your tone will brighten up to.
Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I know the track is horrible quality, because I got bitched at last time for singing with headphones on haha. My bad, I'll try to make a better one last time.

And no, I have never had any vocal lessons, training, anything. I've always loved to sing.